About Us

Our Approach

Metis plans all projects with one goal in mind: empowered clients. With increasing service demands and closer scrutiny from funders, organizations must be equipped with flexible and sophisticated tools to collect, analyze and disseminate information. Clients also need skills to use that information to effectively implement programs and policy changes.

Our interdisciplinary project teams, made up of professionals with first-hand experience in the areas of public education, social science, human service, and information management, work closely to identify and understand clients' requirements. We then help to develop the tools and skills needed for effective information gathering, enabling our clients to identify the ways information can be used to shape policies and programs.

Metis places considerable emphasis on developing our clients' capacity. Building capacity may take many forms: for example, operating a client tracking system, managing community information, carrying out self-assessments or teaching how to develop a community-based survey. Our work enables our clients to:

  • Develop, implement and improve policies, programs and services
  • Manage and use information and information management
  • Plan future directions
  • Develop the needed skills and tools to implement successful programs and evaluations

Specifically, our products and services enable our clients to:

  • Develop, implement and improve their policies, programs and services
  • Manage and use information and information management
  • Plan their future directions
  • Strengthen their capacity by equipping them with the skills and tools to conduct these activities themselves

Regardless of the domain of work, our support runs deeper than our reports and analyses, our computer systems and other tangible products. We respond to the unique needs of our clients by actively seeking their input and involving them in all phases of our work. We value the relationships we develop with our clients and strive to understand their unique situations, philosophies, and motivations. We believe in our clients' missions, and we join them in working toward social reform.