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Promise Neighborhood/Promise Zone Grants

Since 2012, the Metis grant-writing team has worked with a coalition in Camden, New Jersey—deemed the “most dangerous city” in the United States in multiple years—to secure numerous grants to propel forward the vision of then Mayor Dana Redd to transform Camden into a city of opportunity. The Metis-Camden partnership began with the development of a yearlong Promise Neighborhoods planning grant awarded by the US Department of Education in June 2012. The Promise planning grant helped the lead agency, Center for Family Services (CFS), and a broad coalition of partners conduct a neighborhood asset and needs assessment focused on health, education, child care and early learning, safety, and food security, and build a data-informed continuum of solutions for target children, youth, and families. In 2016, Metis grant writers worked with this same coalition of partners led by CFS to develop a winning Promise Neighborhoods implementation grant aimed at using evidence-based solutions, authentic community engagement, data-driven decision-making, and collective impact to launch a comprehensive Camden Promise Neighborhoods service delivery model for four contiguous neighborhoods in the city.

The Metis team also worked with the Camden City Mayor’s Office and CFS on behalf of a broader, citywide partnership to receive the highly coveted Urban Promise Zone designation through a competitive grant application process of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Awarded in April 2015, the Camden Urban Promise Zone represents a 10-year shared vision and cross-sector collaborative roadmap for transformative change across the city’s most distressed sectors (housing, education, economic opportunity, public safety, and child health). Notably, just one month later, President Obama recognized Camden "as a symbol of promise to the nation."

For more information about our work related to Promise Neighborhoods, please contact Donna Wilkens.