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Information Management

During a 2018 "Data Walk", Metis staff present school attendance trends to Family-Centered Community Change program staff.

Metis Associates provides strategic consulting and develops technology solutions to address information-management needs for a wide spectrum of organizations. The systems that we deliver fulfill clients' need to better serve their constituents and address today's requirements for evidence-based practice and outcome measurement.

Metis's systems professionals provide assistance to state, county, and municipal jurisdictions, carrying out assignments involving data and information management, statistical analysis, and IT strategic planning for business and project management. For smaller government jurisdictions or community-based nonprofits, we provide comprehensive systems development and technical support. Those solutions include building or integrating client-tracking systems or information repositories, developing Web-based applications, and providing a range of technical services—including data quality assurance, network support, help-desk functions, and technical training.

What sets Metis apart is that our staff combines extensive technology know-how with years of experience in the practical application of technology in education and human services. This means framing data work and data capacity around the missions of the organizations that we serve:

  • When we provide technical assistance to an organization, we meet our clients and their staff where they are, develop a plan around their goals, and support them to work toward their goals incrementally.
  • To promote a culture of using data, we help clients to frame data reports around institutional decision points, rather than just the families and children that they work with. For example, a program to promote school attendance might investigate barriers to attendance such as transportation or inflexible drop-off hours. This framework is more useful because institutional practices can be changed in response to what is learned through data analysis. This framework is especially useful for combatting institutional racism.
  • We value collaborations among many partners. Our clients put their organizational missions ahead of institutional barriers that separate one organization from another. We believe that data can be part of the glue that holds partnerships together, so we support clients to share data among partner organizations. And we ourselves model collaboration—both with our client and with the other partners and consultants that they work with—by always seeking to understand how our work can further their goals.

For more information about our IM work, please contact Robert Harrington.