President's Message

A Toast to Twenty-One Years of Work and Friendship

This certainly has been an eventful year - William and Kate produced an heir to the throne, Honey Boo Boo actually became famous, chiropractors around the world celebrated the popularity of Psy’s gangnam style dancing, and our good friend and colleague Al Simon announced his retirement. Of course, the Royal Family, Honey, and Psy can go about their own business, but Al retiring? I’d sooner imagine a Pope resigning. Hmmm, never mind.

As described in the current In Focus interview, Al Simon has indeed retired. Over the course of his 45-year tenure in the field – with nearly half of it spent here at Metis – Al has been a leading figure in advancing the use of rigorous data to inform education practice and policy in New York City and across the nation. On the occasion of his leave-taking, as he says in the accompanying In Focus Q & A, this seasoned and thoughtful researcher offers two simple pieces of advice: 1) be sure that educational evaluators are grounded in the fundamentals of pedagogy—curriculum and instruction, and 2) be careful in the use of standardized test results—the stakes are very high.

For those of us remaining to carry on the Metis mission, Al, through his example, has certainly set a high bar - for dedication, professionalism, and humanity. We already miss the everyday contact, but we look forward to pressing Al back into service when his sage advice and wisdom are needed.

- Stanley Schneider, President