Project Updates

Theater of war: public artist in residence program (TOW PAIR)

In his role as New York City’s Public Artist in Residence (PAIR), Bryan Doerries is bringing Theater of War (TOW), a theater-based social impact program, to scale across the city. TOW uses theater, storytelling, and a variety of other media to help communities discuss and address pressing public health and social justice issues, including those affecting veterans, their families, and the community at large. The two-year project is being implemented in partnership with the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services, and the Brooklyn Public Library and involves over 50 performances across all five boroughs. The performances are held in local community venues and consist of dramatic readings by high profile actors and actresses; community panel discussions; and open, town-hall type discussions. Metis’s evaluation of the TOW PAIR project includes the development of a logic model and the examination of outcomes for audience members (including both veterans and non-veterans) and participating communities. Metis’s evaluation, which taps the deep vein of our arts evaluation expertise as well as a growing body of work evaluating services to veterans and military families, is also examining the impact of PAIR as a mechanism to implement and scale cultural programs across NYC and to strengthen partnerships and communications between and across city agencies and local community organizations.