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City College of the City University of New York: A Study of Efforts to Improve Professional Development in Math

Since 2006, Metis has evaluated the Institute for the Advancement of Mathematics Education program at the City College of the City University of New York (CCNY). The overarching goal of this initiative, which is funded by the Petrie Foundation and Kaplan Foundation, is to train middle and high school assistant principals and math coaches to become more effective in their professional development of mathematics teachers and, by doing so, to strengthen teaching and learning to improve student performance in mathematics. Since the inception of the program, CCNY has contracted with Metis Associates to conduct an annual study of the program and its impact on target staff. Each year, Metis collects data through discussions with Institute staff; surveys of participants; and surveys of mentors, who are retired New York City Department of Education teachers and administrators hired by CCNY to support the Institute.