Program Areas

College and Career Access

Metis evaluated the federally funded Predominantly Black Institutions program at Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York.

Medgar Evers College students work with Professor Dereck Skeete on a summer research project about indoor and outdoor air quality. The project is one of several that Metis has evaluated for Medgar Evers, which has developed a number of supports to keep students engaged and on track toward graduation.

Metis Associates works with many colleges and universities, providing a variety of professional support services, including research and evaluation; data acquisition, maintenance, and analysis; information systems development; and grant writing and program development. Our clients in higher education come to Metis for assistance with a diverse range of programmatic goals. Several of these institutions offer innovative programs that promote college readiness among underserved high school students. (Even before the Obama Administration committed itself to ensuring that more than 10 million students graduate from college by 2020, several Metis clients were offering programs to break down barriers to college admissions for low-income students and to help them succeed once they arrive.) Other colleges and universities have enlisted Metis's help in evaluating enhancements in programming for their own student bodies and in assessing community-development initiatives in which they are involved.