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New Haven Home Recovery: Design of an Evaluation Plan

New Haven Home Recovery (NHHR) is a nonprofit, community-based agency that promotes the independence of women and children confronted with homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and behavioral health issues in a supportive environment where their potential can be realized. The organization operates several shelters for women and children as well as a variety of supportive services focused on family stabilization and education.

Metis's work for NHHR comes on the heels of its evaluation of the Corporation for Supportive Housing's successful Keeping Families Together pilot program, which provided supportive housing and social services for homeless families in New York City. Metis staff are very excited to have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience with the supportive housing field to a new location where the need for these services is also significant.

In 2010, with support from the Fairfield County Community Foundation (FCCF), NHHR developed a pilot project—the Stable Families Program—to improve the stability of at-risk families in a Bridgeport, Connecticut, housing project. Based on the success of the pilot, NHHR received a planning grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and additional support from the FCCF and the Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport to design services for all of the residents of this housing facility, aimed at improving a wide range of social-welfare outcomes from employment to school attendance.

During the planning phase, Metis was retained to develop the logic model and evaluation design that would be used to study the implementation and impact of the project if it is undertaken. To do so, Metis personnel are serving as participant-observers during planning meetings and conducting focus groups, surveys, and individual interviews.