Program Areas

P-12 Education

Metis Associates evaluated an Arkansas middle school instructional technology program.

Seventh and eighth grade students at Joe T. Robinson Middle School in Little Rock, Arkansas, created an anti-animal-abuse video, as part of the EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) initiative. Metis evaluated this statewide program, which promotes the use of technology in solving school and community issues.

Since 1977, Metis Associates has worked with hundreds of schools and school districts, state education agencies, foundations, community-based organizations, and colleges and universities on diverse projects related to P-12 education. Metis provides these clients with professional support in the form of program and grant development, research and evaluation, data maintenance and analysis, and information-systems development.

Helping to ensure that all young people are prepared for the educational challenges that lie ahead of them, Metis evaluates early childhood education programs as well as those across the educational trajectory that prepare young people for lifelong success in college and careers. Metis consults on community-, school-based, and system-wide educational interventions, bringing tremendous depth and breadth of experience to the table, especially around special populations such as disconnected youth. The last several years, Metis has developed a national reputation for its work in the areas of magnet schools, instructional technology, arts in education, and college and career readiness.

Our professional staff, who include evaluators, statisticians, and former educators and education administrators work with all members of the educational enterprise—teachers, administrators, parents, and students—bringing an insider's knowledge of the programmatic and administrative operations of public schools. Our excellent relationships with numerous state education agencies and local boards of education provide us with access to the broader policy context within which so many decisions about public schools are made.