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Annie E. Casey Foundation, Jobs Initiative: Evaluation and Technical Assistance

The Annie E. Casey Foundation Jobs Initiative was a $30 million-plus, community-based program that helped approximately 20,000 young, low-income workers to find meaningful jobs. Metis Associates was involved in this initiative from its start in 1995, providing technical assistance focused on the performance assessment of the initiative as a whole and of the five project sites—Philadelphia, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Seattle, and St. Louis. Metis worked with the Jobs Initiative to design a dynamic performance-evaluation report to report statistics accurately and consistently each quarter. Metis helped the sites customize their reports to reflect their unique service-delivery goals and the challenges that they faced and helped them migrate to data-collection systems that better met their needs.

Metis consolidated the data submitted by each site into a single dataset for use by an external evaluator, and it worked closely with the Casey Foundation and the evaluator to design the analysis plan for the data. Following the design stage, Metis IT staff maintained the responsibility to develop and apply numerous business and cleaning rules to the consolidation process and to prepare the data in a format that could be easily handled by the evaluator.