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Evaluation of Out of School Time Programs

After-school programs, which enjoyed significant support in the 1990s and early 2000s, are fighting for dwindling dollars, making evaluation all the more important for sponsoring organizations to demonstrate their worth. Metis Associates has evaluated a number of these programs throughout the New York City metropolitan area, including those funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) program. This initiative was established by Congress to provide students and their families with academic-enrichment opportunities during “out-of-school-time” hours. These programs often include academic services, youth development activities, drug- and violence-prevention programs, adult education, and sports or other recreational opportunities.

In June 2013, four Metis clients were awarded New York State 21st CCLC grants, and Metis is conducting local evaluations of these programs.

  • Children of Promise, in Brooklyn, works with children of incarcerated parents, empowering them to break the cycle of intergenerational involvement with the criminal justice system.
  • Global Writes, in the Bronx, promotes literacy, communication, and collaboration among young people through the integration of performing arts and technology resources.
  • Phipps Community Development Corporation, in Manhattan, offers more than 30 education, job-readiness, recreation, and civic-engagement programs to help New Yorkers build better lives for themselves, their families, and their community.
  • Riverdale Community Center, in the Bronx, provides cultural, recreational, academic, and developmental activities to the local community.

Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, Metis is assessing the impact of these programs on student achievement in reading and math, behavioral changes (through surveys of students and their families, data on issues such as substance abuse and juvenile crime, and school attendance records), and the development of partnerships between schools and local community resources.

Metis is also evaluating other out-of-school-time enrichment programs, including the Brain Gain Summer Learning Initiative of the Atlanta-based Boys & Girls of Clubs of America and the New York City-based Classroom, Inc., a not-for profit educational organization that has used virtual-workplace simulations to improve adolescents' literacy, critical thinking, and career readiness skills for over 20 years, In varying ways, each of these programs combines creative arts and collaborative projects to augment school learning, and Metis is studying their impact on students' emotional and academic development.