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CAMBA: Expanding Evaluation and Fundraising Capacity

Metis Associates works with CAMBA, a large community-based organization in Brooklyn, New York, on a multiyear project to study and expand the organization's capabilities in evaluation and fundraising to improve programs for youth. CAMBA provides education, employment, health, housing, legal, and youth-development services to more than 30,000 individuals each year. Its dual mission is to enable low-income individuals and families to become economically and socially self-sufficient and to expand the local economy of central Brooklyn by working with businesses and entrepreneurs to encourage economic development. From 2002 to 2007, Metis has worked with CAMBA to improve its capacity to measure outcomes and determine the efficacy of its programs in helping young people gain competencies, strengths, and skills, and in empowering them to become healthy, responsible, and caring youth and adults.

At the start of its work with CAMBA, Metis identified a set of accepted youth outcomes and indicators upon which to gauge program efficacy. It then developed a set of evaluation instruments, including student, parent, teacher, and staff surveys, that have been pilot tested and administered in CAMBA's seven after school programs. In subsequent years, Metis conducted a comprehensive analysis of CAMBA's data-management systems, and, to address gaps in those systems, developed and pilot tested assessment tools to measure student outcomes specific to CAMBA's programming in the areas of dance, drama, visual arts, and conflict resolution. In an ongoing way, Metis's work has informed CAMBA's programming and evaluation efforts, and CAMBA plans to use this work as a model to develop evaluation methods in other program areas.