Program Areas

Youth Development

Students from I.S. 129 (Twin Parks) in New York City participate in the Girl Scout Council of New York's Career Exploration Program. The program helps to broaden the career awareness of middle school girls in five Bronx public schools.

Metis Associates is known for its expertise in evaluating youth-development programs that seek to reconnect young people to school and better prepare them for college and work. Often these programs take place in schools, through community groups that offer after-school programming. Metis uses qualitative and quantitative methods, longitudinal and quasi-experimental designs, and participatory approaches to assess these programs. The firm has analyzed data-management systems, reviewed performance targets, provided technical assistance, and developed data-collection tools for self-evaluation for groups that provide youth-development services.

Metis works closely with community-based and larger non-profit organizations, school districts, and school-community collaborations to assess whether programs are meeting their objectives and to provide data for planning and improvement. The perspectives of young people, their parents, teachers, and program staff are incorporated through surveys, interviews, observations, and data analyses.