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Evaluation of Our Piece of the Pie® Pathways Program

Students from Opportunity High School

Students from Opportunity High School, established by Our Piece of the Pie and the Hartford Public Schools to help under-credited students complete high school, visit a laboratory at The Hartford insurance company headquarters

In October 2012, Our Piece of the Pie® (OPP) engaged Metis Associates to conduct a formative and data validation evaluation to help prepare the Hartford, Connecticut–based organization for a rigorous impact evaluation. OPP is a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk youth to complete high school, enter college, and obtain meaningful employment. OPP serves about 1,100 youth per year, primarily through its centerpiece Pathways to Success program, which provides services in schools and in the community. The organization takes a relationship-centered approach to youth development, including pairing all participants with mentors who coach them and follow their progress.

The Metis evaluation, which began in fall 2012, focused on six service areas that are part of the Pathways program: Youth Development Services, Workforce Development Services, Youth Business Services, Opportunity High School, Post-Secondary Services, and Academic Services. Metis’s examination began with an effort to validate program data and assess the extent to which these data provided a thorough and accurate picture of implementation efforts and results.

For the study, Metis obtained data from the program’s database, and conducted observations of program activities, interviews and surveys of youth, and interviews with staff. Comparisons were made between the organization’s Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO) data and the data collected independently by Metis. Metis shared key findings and offered recommendations for data modifications and program improvement. The final phase of the evaluation, being conducted in 2014, will assess participant outcomes.